Traits of a great IT leader

Mar 16, 2021

I’ve shared about how to be trusted by your engineers  and how to find out what matters to them but what about the leader itself. Check out the attributes and behavior that clear the path to success.

The who, what and how of leading successful engineering teams

Mar 02, 2021

Leading a team, it is always an exciting and challenging experience. Add to the mix that the team is sitting in different time zones, and you find yourself up to quite a ride. You will need to put special focus on your team, on what they are doing and how they are doing to ensure […]

Top 5 to be trusted by your engineers

Dec 05, 2020

Software engineers are a special breed. They are architects and builders of the digital world which it is the center of the modern world reality. They not only tend to be smart but have immense passion for what they do and strong opinions about how they do it. You will struggle to support them if […]

Find out what matters to your engineers

Oct 29, 2020

Engineers skills evolve over time and can be taught. But what makes good engineers special is how they approach the work and react to what motivates them. A successful team needs a leader that can identify what matters to the members and can create an environment where the most can be produced. Look into your […]

Boss management

Sep 19, 2020

When it comes to organizations, success and failure are hereditary. There are caveats, but it is in your best interest to take care of the chain of command above you. Managing up is as important as being a trusted leader for your direct reports. These are a few ideas that you can incorporate today. It […]