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Traits of a great IT leader

Mar 16, 2021

I’ve shared about how to be trusted by your engineers  and how to find out what matters to them but what about the leader itself. Check out the attributes and behavior that clear the path to success.

A combined framework for feature prioritization

Mar 09, 2021

When leading products you will find yourself balancing the scarcity of time, budget, and capacity against a probably too large and growing list of potential features. Other stakeholders and you can always have opinions of what matter most and what deserves more attention. That is why it is important to embrace a method that allows […]

The who, what and how of leading successful engineering teams

Mar 02, 2021

Leading a team, it is always an exciting and challenging experience. Add to the mix that the team is sitting in different time zones, and you find yourself up to quite a ride. You will need to put special focus on your team, on what they are doing and how they are doing to ensure […]

GCP Serverless NLP processing vs AWS

Feb 23, 2021

In the past I had the opportunity to use some of the NLP capabilities available in Amazon Comprehend. This time I wanted to give it a shoot at Google Cloud Platform and try some of the features offered in Google Natural Language. As I wanted to validate feasibility, I wanted to use only serverless products. […]

The right choice between message queues and event streaming

Jan 13, 2021

Should you go after ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ or similar? What about Apache Kafka, Amazon Kinesis, etc.…? Your choice, as all of them, will have consequences so you want to be as sure as possible before committing. Before drilling down let us simplify agreeing that there are two groups: “MQ” which include products like IBM MQ or […]

Top 5 to be trusted by your engineers

Dec 05, 2020

Software engineers are a special breed. They are architects and builders of the digital world which it is the center of the modern world reality. They not only tend to be smart but have immense passion for what they do and strong opinions about how they do it. You will struggle to support them if […]


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