Fine-tuning User Retention: Moving Beyond ‘One Size Fits All’ Approach

Aug 08, 2023

You’ve heard the age-old adage, “Not all customers are created equal.” Indeed, this truth takes center stage when it comes to retention – the practice of retaining satisfied customers over time. Not all retention should be treated equally, as not all customers are deemed equally important. It’s integral to discern between the retention of your […]

The Art of Product Management: Soft Skills and Win-Win Negotiations

Aug 05, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of product management, the significance of technical prowess is often emphasized. However, the core of effective product management lies in the mastery of soft skills and the ability to negotiate win-win situations. This blog post delves into the artistic side of product management, exploring the essential soft skills, leadership strategies, and […]

A combined framework for feature prioritization

Mar 09, 2021

When leading products you will find yourself balancing the scarcity of time, budget, and capacity against a probably too large and growing list of potential features. Other stakeholders and you can always have opinions of what matter most and what deserves more attention. That is why it is important to embrace a method that allows […]

Achieving a co-creation environment for product discover

Nov 10, 2020

In traditional environments products evolve out of a multitude of projects. Projects have teams organized with clear hierarchies that create distance between members responsibilities: The product manager gathers requirements from stakeholders. The product manager create requirements documents and hang them over to the team. The tech lead focus on how to implement the requirements. The […]

The MVP is not a beta or prototype

Oct 31, 2020

  It is easy to misuse what the minimum viable product is for. Some may use the term to ask developers to go string from the idea to coding. Others will use it to justify building an incomplete product or not producing tested code.   The MVP is how you test the market and get […]

Digging out product essential principles

Oct 11, 2020

Not always you get to be the original product manager. As products grow, team’s headcount increases and that is where you might be joining in. There is a history that will drive the future of the product and you need to put it together. Follow these guidelines to find out the product principles. 1:1 interview […]

Long term product management

Oct 02, 2020

Everybody loves to innovate. The excitement of envisioning and creating a new product is what drives us in this space. But longevity matters and it will not happen if you do not aim for it. It takes discipline and commitment from the whole organization to be able to evolve a product in a sustainable way. […]